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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 31, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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says she is not alive. so we go on the premise that >> the mother and her family and friends are refusing to give up hope 24 years after she vanished. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. the case remains an active investigation after all of these years.
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he was last seen on this date in 1989 on her way to an ice skating lesson in dublin. s and he is live withh her with the latest on the case. john? >> reporter: dan, eileen was last seen here on san ramon road. her family and her supporters walked by here in an annual ritual to keep this case alive. for the 24th year they made this walk through dublin and leading more than a hundred supporters. >> the turnout is amazing. i always worry there won't be anybody here and we have had a marvelous and an amazing turnout. >> i just hope this all leads to some information that might come out about eileen. >> reporter: eileen was 13 when she vanished while walking home from wells middle school on her way home from ice skating practice. that was january 30th, 1989. a missing children website has photos of what she might look like as an adult. tonight the procession went
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along the route she was thought to have followed when she vanished. in the group was her twin brother, now 37 years old. >> hopefully someone who knows something will see it and will see that even after 24 years it is still the same whether o 24 days or 24 months or 24 years . all we want is her home. >> as far as police are concerned it is an open and active case which they still review. >> right now we kind of stand at a stand still. we have had no viable leads recently. >> the night ended with a prayer service. the family hopes the recent attention to the kevin collins missing child case in san franciscoen urge cs people to help -- in san francisco encourages people to help. >> i hope they recognize the feedback and realize that the missing children is not an isolated incident. >> the family says what gives them some hope is jay see --
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jaycee-duguard who was found years later. tonight details you will only see on abc news as investigators retrace the steps of the man suspected it in the kevin collins case. that 10-year-old was last seen in 1984 leaving basketball practice at st. agnes high school. the man police are investigating known as kelly lived just blocks away at a duplex on ma -- masonic avenue. yesterday they dug up the basement looking for evidence. they found bones, called though an early review indicates they are animal bones. investigators are now searching for a car that kelly used to own. they asked one of the lead investigators why police keep focusing on him. >> is he the strongest suspect you have? >> yes, i would say he is. i am saying he is. >> a source says investigators flew to canada to interview kelly's former partner who lived with him at that home on
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masonic. that man knew of no connection between kelly and kevin collins. the super bowl is four days away and while the 49er prees pair to win, the city leaders prepare to deal with the consequences. they are determined to keep fans from getting carried away like some did after the world series. leslie brinkley is live at the foot of market street in san francisco with the game plan. leslie? >> reporter: well, that is exactly right, dan. all across the city of course it is go niners. a lot of people are adding a bit of caution to that. san francisco's police chief, fire chief and the mayor all gathered at the abc7 broadcast center to record a public plea aimed at 49er fans. >> let's respect the city of san francisco. that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> because when the giants won the world series last october, pandemonium broke out. this bus was torched at third
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and market. 70 trashcans were set on fire and cars were smashed. in the mission, revelers set bonfires in the street and jumping through flames 1k3* hurling glass bottles. this time for the super bowl the city is better prepared. there will -- >> there will be twice as many officers working as during the world series. >> they need to make sure they have all of the information they need to be as safe as possible, but really we are going to reroute service for any problems that may arise. >> bart was go -- is going to run a beefed up station. some are looking forward to sunday jie. we are hoping for a good turnout and lots of fun in the city and people having a good time. >> not too much of a good time. san francisco police are going to have a sobriety checkpoint on saturday night on super bowl sunday after the game. they will have rovig
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saturation dui patrols. the 49er fans, don't let 49er fans drive drunk. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> that's a big problem on super bowl sunday, drunk driving all-around the country. after the game please turn to abc news after the super bowl for live coverage of how the 49er fans are reacting in the bay area. we will go live to our abc7 news team in new orleans with an up to the minute look thereafter the big game. >> speaking of new orleans we continue our coverage with what coaches' parents had to say. >> larry beil begins our team coverage outside the superdome. hi, larry. >> hi, dan. we start with the news of the day and that is defensive back chris culliver backing off comments he made in a radio interview. he told the shock jock that he did not want to see any gay
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players on his team. take a listen to the clip. >> gay guys, any of them approach you? >> i don't do the gay guys. >> are there any on the 49ers? >> we got no gay people on the team. they have to get up out of here. >> is that true? >> that's true. >> now, the 49ers immediately issued an apolo they said there is no room for discrimination in their organization. late today culliver issued his own statement. i am quoting now, the derogatory comments i made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how i feel. it has taking me seeing them in print that they are hurtful and ugly. culliver issued an apology and said he will learn and grow from the experience. trust me, this is the last thing the 49ers wanted to deal with during super bowl week. let's talk about security right now. security at the super bowl is always a major concern and it requires a maj effort. along those lines today
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homeland security secretary janet napolitano is in new orleans. the fbi, ice, local and state law enforcement are assuring y new orleans is very safe this week. there have been no credible threats reported and law enforcement is a abundant. there are police on every corner. and the nfl have hired 4,000 private officers. >> new orleans is a wonderful city and a wonderful host to this year's super bowl. we have been working very closely with new orleans, with the state of louisiana, with many other state and local partners to make sure that the run up to the game is safe and secure and the game itself is safe and secure. >> on the lighter side, the harbaugh parents, jack and jackie, met the media. on sunday they will watch their sons, john and jim, squaring off in super bowl xlvii. it is the 49ers against the ravens. we have a sample from what was
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a very entertaining news conference today. >> they are going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has it better than us? nobody. >> loose lips sink ships. they both have subscribed to that philosophy. no one talks to anyone. >> am i talking too much? we are so excited for john and jim to be in this situation. >> there is going to be one winner, and there is going to be one that is going to be totally disappointed. my thoughts go to that one that will not experience the thrill of victory. >> the 49ers score are you rooting for the ravens to tie it up and vice-versa? they can't play in an endless tie. >> i think the nfl changed that rule. if it ends in a tie it will be a tie. >> this is a fantastic, fantastic experience. really no one has it better than us.
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>> they are right. nobody has it better than jack and jackie who have been married an amazing 51 years. they are truly an incredible couple. they told the story today about john and jim when they were little kids. they started playing pop warner football just like these kids that we are going to show you right now. the niners and the ravens of tomorrow getting a workout at the nfl experience behindat the. they tweeted the photo out tonight, and there will be more on the nfl experience tomorrow morning. follow katie at katie abc7. i will be back later on in sports. colin kaepernick, is he ready for the big stage of super bowl xlvii? that's just a few minutes away. larry beil, abc7 news. >> thanks, larry. we will see you in a bit. be sure to follow our news report on twitter. news reporters katie marzoulo and they are tweeting behind the scenes updates and getting
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a look at stuff. we are retweeting and check that out when you can. it is starting to feel like spring in january. let's check in with sandhya patel to see if there is anything on live doppler 7hd. >> absolutely nothing on live doppler 7hd. it is clear out there, and that means it is going to be a chilly night. clouds are well offshore. the rain is not in sight just yet. check out the temperatures. numbers are going down. you will feel the chill in the air. tomorrow afternoon we will bring you another spring-like day. i will let you know when you will be looking for the umbrellas again. rain possibility in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. up next the rescue of a confused coyote. how this wild animal ended up on the streets of the mission district. >> and a mac world opens tomorrow. there is serious hollywood star power on hand. >> and then late other ""y
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at a man who police say stabbed a woman after an attempted sexual assault. they say he choked the woman and then stabbed her when she resisted. it happened on january 7th in the outer richmond on 39th avenue near clement i the 35-year-old is 6 feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds. police say he is likely armed. he drives a gray 2011 toyota seneca. here is the license plate number, kuman77. be on the lookout. well, we are learning more about the coyote found in a backyard in san francisco's mission district. the wildlife center of silicon valley gave us a look at the animal tonight. they say she is under weight and dehydrated, and they are treating her for a respiratory infection.
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the coyote is expected to stay at the facility several for weeks before she is released back into the wild. >> there are coyotes definitely around in san francisco. but we need to figure out why she was so debilitated and sick. we are going to work with local agencies to determine a good released location for her. >> that will be challenging. state law mandates animals must be released within three miles of where they are found. mac world kicks off in san francisco tomorrow. they are getting ready for it. more than 25,000 people will check out its 350 booths and high-profile guests. actor ashton kutcher talks about his role as steve jobs in a biographical movie. >> we are enjoying some spectacular weather. and more is on the way. >> sand yaw is here with -- sandhya is here with the forecast. >> we will do it again all over again.
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tomorrow and beyond tomorrow as we head into the weekend. we have our own radar and this is in combination with the radar down toward monterey bay. could be tracking rain by the middle of next week. doesn't look very promising right now. let me show you the highlights. clear and cool in the morning. spring-like into the weekend. a slight chance of rain as we head into next wednesday. the latest computer models are backing off on the possibility of rain now on wednesday. so we will go with a slight chance. high pressure is keeping us high and dry. and really it is going to control our weather through the weekend. so the storm track will remain well to the north of us. we will enjoy mild weather. today's high temperatures are up in the upper 60s around parts of the bay. tomorrow expected to be another dry day. san francisco down as go down as far as january, the month of january 2013 will go down in the history books as the third driest on record. only .49 of an inch for the entire month of january. you can see .26 in january.
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.39 the second driest january on record. record keeping goes back to 18 50 so one of the oldest records and we will be watching for the possibility of rain. like i said the computer models are backing off. we are enjoying mild weather. if you are heading to new orleans to the big easy, it is going to be gorgeous there as well. upper 50s tomorrow afternoon and sunny and mild and a little warmer on friday. low 60s 60s 60s and slight chance of rain on saturday and super going today is going to be super. 65 degrees, of course, the game will be played inside the superdome. here are your temperatures tomorrow morning chilly as i mentioned. crisp, cool, and mid30s in the cold ease inland valleys. in the coldest inland valleys. along the bay and coast you will see low to mid40s so not as chilly as the inland valleys. tomorrow afternoon, 67 in santa rosa and napa and sunshine and oakland 67 degrees. 65 in san francisco.
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these temperatures are milder than where you should be this time of yearment 67 in -- this time of year. mid60s livermore and san jose and fairfield. it is going to be bright, blue, sunny, 70 degrees for january 31st in santa cruz. 72 in salinas. not too many places where you can enjoy this kind of her. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. mild and spring-like through the weekend. groundhog day will be a little cooler and then bouncing back up for super bowl sunday when many are watching the game. chance of rain on wednesday and does president look that promising. doesn't look that promising. >> thank you very much. let's return to new orleans and the super bowl. >> that's where larry beil is live once again for us to neat of larry? >> it is 70 degrees and we are like popsicles out here of the the 49ers had to go inside today because of the weather. i'll tell you about that. and is colin kaepernick ready to take the stage? is he ready to take the grand
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stage in the biggest game of his short career? shorts is coming up next
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good evening, everybody. we are live from new orleans, the site of super bowl xlvii. given 24 hours to think it over, 49ers' receiver randy moss still thinks he is the greatest receiver of all time. the wind just blew our light, but you know what? i look better in the dark now uh days. back to moss and he thought it over and he said, you know what? i am the best. >> what i said was what i felt. like i said, i don't want to get into a shouting match with jerry rice or anybody. that's my own personal opinion. there are people who think just because he has the numbers he is the greatest. i don't believe in numbers. that's your personal opinion of what you think that's what you think. what i think is what i think. i am the greatest to do it. >> it was so windy today in
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new orleans. the niners went inside to practice at the saints facility. the quarterback colin kaepernick will take the field on super bowl sunday. this will be his 10th nfl start. kaep says he is ready. >> i think there is a lot of experience under my belt now. there is a lot more time on the offense and on the game field. that's the biggest difference between now and then. >> funny story from dad jack harbaugh today. his son, jim, is so secretive, it turns out a couple years ago before the nfl draft jim did not want to tell his own father that the 49ers were going to draft kaepernick. >> i said, jim tomorrow in the second round surely you will draft a quarterback. which one is it going to be? and it was dead silence. final -- finally he said, are you talking to anybody? i said i swear i am not talking to anybody. he said, dad you have to tell me. are you not even going to tell
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jackie. tont tell mom. don't tell mom of the he said we are drafting colin kaepernick. i thought to myself, jim, wise decision. jay it has turned out to be really wise. college hoops and stanford is hosting number 10 oregon. to josh houston and stanford up at the break. they were with 12 points in the game as they hand oregon their first pack 12 loss, 75-62, only the third defeat of the year. stanford is now 13-8 on the season. usf played host to saint maries. jordan page leading with a game high 19 points. pull up jumper and the gails would hold on. james walker the third with the hoop here. 67 and 63 is the final. the 16th straight victory over usf. abc7 sports is brought to you
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live in new orleans by river rock casino. just to close it out, 54 degrees in the big easy. the winds are 27 miles an sp. and crisp. it feels like 34 especially carolyn if you are a fragile flower. >> lovely lighting, larry. you are blooming. >> he is blooming in it. very well done. >> up next, 9er fans put it to music. >> the new fan video that is >> the new fan video that is going viral.n't wait for presidy to save on a new mattress.
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weather. get a jacket or sweater before you head out the door. cool skies, light wind. mid30s to mid40s. 42 to 50 degrees. mike nico will be here with your weather updates. carolyn and dan? >> thanks. 9er fans are gearing up and getting creative and showing fan spirit. >> here is a twist on a hit song. >> ♪ we were ready ♪ to pop the con confetti ♪ we gonna take it to the top ♪ ♪ pop bottles with a zero on the clock ♪
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>> the song is in the niners in it. they posted the video on youtube a few hours ago. >> check it out on our website. click on see it on tv. jimmy kimmle in a few minutes. "magic" johnson, nicholas holt and the afro beat orchestra. >> this is interesting, a new study conducted by the public religious research institute says 27% of americans believe that god has a hand in determining which team wins. so if you are praying for a new kidney this weekend, sorry, god has the ravens. >> that's our report. >> see you
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good going, rocky. >> maybe his way of just trying. >> she flattened rocky out. >> maybe that was rocky's game. let me bump into her, i think she's kind of cute. let me knock into her a little
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bit. >> not a good game. not a good game. getting flattened out. >> like pulling your pig tails in kindergarten. we like you. >> wasn't a hot move, rocky. >> rocky has got game. i bet right now. the costume is still on. coming up, turning to a fortune teller for a super bowl pick. and later, rihanna's tainted love story, explaining why, yes, she's back together with chris brown. you are watching "world news now." ♪ hey how much i love you boy >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. ght to you by lunesta. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day,


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